samedi 3 décembre 2011

Electrophone 03 Décembre : Playlist

Père Fouettard was the funkiest man in the world !
 Playlist :      
Ride - Kaleidoscope
Mickey Moonlight - We'll Meet Again
Django Django - Waveforms
Hypnolove - Midnight Cruising
Kisses - Kisses
Greatest hits - Funky Dame
Munk - Kick out the chairs (Who made Who remix)
Mickey Moonlight - This son is coming up
Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music
Mickey Moonlight - Close to everything
Petit Fantôme - Tahiti
Baxter Dury - Isabel
The black Keys - Lonely Boy
Henny El Kethib - You rascal You
Mickey Moonlight - Come on Humans

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